Care Filled With Love And Learning

A Nature-Rich Home Away From Home For Infants To Learn, Play, And Grow

Care Filled With Love And Learning

A Nature-Rich Home Away From Home For Infants To Learn, Play, And Grow

Infant | 6 wks - 18 months | Serving Rogers, AR

Responsive Teachers Who Guide Your Child’s Learning

Teachers work with each infant and add their creative flair to learning. They meet your baby on their level of understanding to expand their knowledge and gently encourage them to explore new things.

Personalized Learning Plans Help Them Hit All Milestones

Every child needs gentle guidance towards meeting crucial milestones when they are ready.  Teachers observe, assess, and plan for your baby, all the while without rushing their progress.  The aim is to coax your baby’s development gently along with love and support.

Baby Signing Jumpstarts Early Communication Skills

Teachers work with your baby using baby sign language so that they can communicate their needs.  “Milk,” “more,” “please,” and “thank you” are a few of the gestures you will come to know at home.  Giving your child this early communication tool reduces their frustration.

Teachers Help Your Child Learn To Self-Regulate

Teachers practice the world-renowned Conscious Discipline® techniques that allow them to remain calm and centered, enabling them to provide a stable and predictable environment for children who will mimic this state and learn to self-regulate

Nursing Moms, Enjoy A Private Space To Bond

A private space just for you helps you feel comfortable while nursing your little angel.  Your day can be busy, so this quiet time to connect with your child is something that you -and we- cherish.

The Tadpoles© App To Peek Inside Their Day

Get updates on feedings, naps, and diaper changes. Expect adorable pictures of your child at play and videos of your little one wiggling and giggling on bubble wrap, exploring paint, or out for a stroller way. Be a part of their day.

Livestream Video Also Lets You See Their World

See your little angel in real-time throughout the day.  Logging in to the Livestream video throughout the day gives you peace of mind as you watch them nap learn, and play.  BONUS!  Seeing what they’re up to gives you ideas for learning activities at home.

Air Purifiers Protects Your Child’s Immune System

Air purifiers in every room destroy allergens and pathogens that can affect your baby’s developing health. Be confident that exposure to harmful airborne substances is minimal as their immune system develops at this critical stage.

A Family-Feel Where Your Baby Is LOVED

Every child deserves the same love and care they receive at home. Soft, warm, and calming color hues along with plush carpet keeps your baby cozy.  Responsive caregivers coo and cuddle so that your child feels cherished and safe.

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