It’s Play With A Purpose!

Prepare Your Child With Nature-Rich Experiences, A Comprehensive Curriculum, And Exploration

It’s Play With A Purpose!

Prepare Your Child With Nature-Rich Experiences, A Comprehensive Curriculum, And Exploration

Preschool | 3 - 4 Years | Serving Rogers, AR

Purposeful Play Prepares Your Child For School

Teachers work with them to make sure they are Kindergarten-ready. They get to be a part of a classroom community by helping each other, and teachers have the training to assist them in fun and exciting ways with play and open-ended questions.

The Project Approach That Caters To The Whole Child

The project-based curriculum balances social-emotional skills with learning objectives and follows a fun monthly theme. Teachers integrate personalized goals into daily projects and invite your child to think through processes and problem-solve.

Examples of activities include

Art Projects

Boost your child’s creativity and self-expression


Develops rhythm and the mind-body connection

Foreign Languages

An early introduction is proven to help brain growth

Sign Language

Your child learns an additional communication skill


Children learn values and reasoning through stories

Math Games

Help your child conceptualize abstract concepts now

Science Experiments

Inspire curiosity and teach children cause and effect

Children Work Together Within A Community

Teachers help build your child’s understanding of being part of a classroom community by allowing them to work with each other. They learn to share, show empathy, and build healthy relationships through play and learning opportunities.

Rope Swings And More Make Exciting Outdoor Play

Children play outdoors and have a nature-based amusement park where the possibilities are endless. They have a patio and 2-3 acres of unfenced space perfect for sledding, swinging from vines, nature walks, and exploring trees with their classmates.

Exciting Enrichments Spark Their Interest

Your child spends time learning what they love with daily activities like Yoga, Spanish, Music, and Art. Enrichments are a part of tuition and support their learning and physical development as they grow.

Stay Updated With The High-Tech Tadpoles© App

Parents stay in the know with a reliable communication app that allows teachers to send updates about their child’s day. Receive cute pictures and videos as they eat, learn, and play with friends, and you never miss out!

Livestream Gives You More Insight Into Their Day

See your child move about with a convenient and secure live stream connection. Watch your child conquer their day in real-time, and never miss a moment to feel like you’re right there with them as they hit their milestones.

Field Trips Are Included For Year-Round Fun

Children go on exciting field trips like the fire station, water parks, museums, petting zoo, glass blowing, clay sculpting, the park, the pumpkin patch, and more. Parents can chaperone with their children, and transportation comes with tuition!

Transportation Is Provided For Both Field Trips
And The Afterschool Program!

Delicious And Nutritious Meals Keep Them Strong

Your child receives a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snack every day. Meals are in a nut-free environment and cater to your child’s allergies or sensitivities. The State Food Program makes sure children have better quality and balanced meals.

Your Child’ School Family Is An Extended Family

A family-owned center with an authentic family-feel means your child always feels at home and comfortable. Have peace of mind knowing the care your child receives is up close and personal and full of nurturing and love.

Arkansas’s Quality Rating System, Better Beginning, Rates Us Among The Best!

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