Watch Your Child Get Ready To Conquer Kindergarten

This Classroom Is For Children Who Will Be Attending Kindergarten In Fall Of The Next Year

Watch Your Child Get Ready To Conquer Kindergarten

This Classroom Is For Children Who Will Be Attending Kindergarten In Fall Of The Next Year

Pre-K | 4 - 5 Years | Serving Rogers, AR

Individualized Lessons That Prepare For Kindergarten

Teachers develop lessons that follow the state Kindergarten Readiness checklist and prepare children for their next big step in their education. Be confident that your little student is learning everything they need to advance academically.

The Classroom Is Set Up To Mimic A Kindy Class

Classes have a set up like Kindergarten classrooms, so your child can get in the right mind for their next academic step. Learning, play, and development happen in an environment that gets your child ready to succeed.

A Playground Perfect For Learning Through Nature

Your child has outside time each day with nature-based playscapes perfect for them to use their imaginations, increase physical activity, and play with friends. They can swing from vines, climb hills, and sprint across acres of land each day.

Experience-Based Lessons For Learning Lasting Skills

Children learn through action so that the information they absorb lasts.  Rather than learning by rote or memorization, your child develops their thinking and ability to reason through project-based learning that follows exciting monthly themes. Part of your child’s curriculum includes:

Teachers That Guide And Encourage Problem Solving

Know that your child is receiving instruction and guidance from teachers dedicated and passionate about what they do. They encourage problem-solving to create independent thinkers and ask open-ended questions to keep children engaged.

Transportation Is Provided For Field Trips

Prepare Your Child For Life Through Working Together

Your child strengthens their social-emotional skills by focusing on being part of a classroom community and working together. They experience first hand how to build healthy relationships, share, show compassion, and practice respect for others.

Yoga, Spanish, And Music Add Fun To Their Day

Your child has access to more than learning throughout their day and participates in enrichment activities like Yoga, Spanish, Music, and Art with their classmates. They get to express themselves and learn more about each other through fun.

A Parent Communication App Keeps You Updated

With the Tadpoles© app, you never miss out on the critical moments or information. Parents receive lesson plans directly to their phone, along with cute and touching pictures and videos about their child’s day.

Healthy, Balanced Meals Keep Them Going

Children receive healthy and great-tasting breakfast, lunch, and snacks that they love. Meals are in a nut-free environment and cater to allergies and sensitivities. Participation in the Special Nutrition Program means better quality, more balanced meals for your little one.

Livestream Technology Feels Like You’re There

Get even more insight into your child’s day with access to a secure and convenient live stream that allows you to see your little angel in real-time. Feel like you’re right there with them, and have peace of mind.

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