Where Nature And Care Go Hand-In-Hand

Personalized Lesson Plans And Plenty Of Play Develop Social-Emotional And School Skills

Where Nature And Care Go Hand-In-Hand

Personalized Lesson Plans And Plenty Of Play Develop Social-Emotional And School Skills

Toddler | 18 months - 3 years | Serving Rogers, AR

Nature-Rich Experiences And Natural Playscapes

Your growing toddler has tons of fun on a nature-based playscape that sparks their imagination and keeps them physically active. Time outside lets them play with their friends and connect with the natural elements around them.

Child-Led And Individualized Learning That Prepares Them

Teachers use child-led learning to enhance education through exciting projects and activities. Your child gets to navigate and explore their learning path and receive the support they need through a plan tailored to them and on their level.

“Baby Doll Circle Time” Encourages Empathy

Caregivers lead young children and their baby dolls in fun, engaging activities that fall into the categories of Peek-a-boo, Body Parts, Booboos, I Love You Rituals, Stop and Go, and Emotions. These activities promote the secure attachment that is vital to children’s lifelong success.

The State-Recommended “Adventures For Toddlers”

Children learn from the Adventures For Toddlers© curriculum, which focuses on enhancing their language through stories, interaction with their classmates, and playing. They learn through a blend of materials, songs, and teacher-led instruction.

Dedicated And Trusted Teachers Pave The Way

Passionate and qualified teachers guide your child’s learning, and they love what they do. They enjoy using creativity to bring out the best in your child and prepare them to excel within the classroom across subject areas.

Yoga, Spanish, And Arts And Crafts Every Day

Your child participates in exciting activities like Yoga, Spanish, and Arts and Crafts every day. They maintain physical activity, strengthen their learning, and develop their interests and artistic abilities with their friends and individually.

Two-Way Communication With The Tadpoles© App

Take a peek inside of your toddler’s day with a communication app that allows you to receive adorable pictures and videos directly to your phone. Never miss a magical moment as your child eats, sleeps, plays, and learns.

Yummy And Healthy Meals Provided Daily

Your child has delicious, nutritious meals that they love each day. Meals are in a nut-free environment, and consider any sensitivities or allergies your child may have. Never worry about them staying fueled and happy.

Watch Precious Moments By Livestream Video

Secure livestream video access brings you peace of mind throughout the day as you see your child move about with their friends, learn, laugh, and play. See them in action directly from your phone and keep your big smile.

Solid Care That Puts Your Family First

Your child always feels welcomed and safe with a family-owned environment full of life. A family-feel means they receive the same nurture and care as at home, and you feel good about the care they receive with trusted staff.

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